Endometrioma Cyst – What is Sweet About This Chocolate Cyst?

by support on December 23, 2011

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Have you been checked for an endometrioma cyst recently? Well, I’ve been.

Are your female parts messing up on you right now…(your gyny just told you that you’ve got an endometrioma “chocolate” cyst)… could you not even imagine having sex anyway, no matter how hot your partner or the guy next door is? You know it would probably hurt like heck.. and besides, you need to shave your toes and who else knows where! You’re not feeling at all sexy with this cyst on ovary at all… in fact you feel rather like a bloated fat cow! Guess how I feel?

Well, when you’ve got “endo”, then endometrial cysts, known also as endometrioma or ‘chocolate’ cysts because they contain dark, old blood are often just around the corner. I love chocolate, but to have something named like it in my body is gruesome. Endometriosis is causing me enough pain already, but now this on top it it, it is really unnerving. What you need to watch out for are symptoms that indicate the you have ruptured ovarian cysts that is not uncommon for endometriomas.

The other day my mum called, and I told her that the doc said I’d an “endometrial chocolate cyst”, and guess what she said? She said why don’t you write about it, they’re so many women out there who have the same worries like you. I think she is actually right, why not?

O.k., so just let me go back to what I said about these chocolate cysts that are not sweet at all. You can find them also under “endometrioma”, or endometrioid cyst and they belong to the types of ovarian cysts described here.

What is endometrioma and why it is termed abnormal

These ovarian cysts are termed as abnormal, or complex because they are made of solids, and fluids. In my understanding ‘complex’ means also more complicated. This type of cyst on the ovaries, however, does not necessarily posit danger – as once again, some of them are just benign, I mean not cancerous.

Endometrioma “chocolate” cysts may not cause specific symptoms. The symptoms may be the same as those of endometriosis, since the endometrioma may not be the only site of endometriosis.

Some women have no symptoms; others have severe menstrual cramps, pain with intercourse, or pain during a bowel movement. These cysts form as the result of endometriosis, a disease in which patches of tissue from the uterine lining are found outside the uterus. Such a cyst is formed when a small patch of endometrial tissue bleeds, sloughs off, becomes transplanted, and develops to enlarge inside the ovaries.

Complication of endometrioma is internal bleeding

A complication is, for sure, internal bleeding. It may be caused if the contents of a ruptured endometrial cyst of a good size spill into the pelvic cavity. The other pelvic organs in the vicinity can also be at risk if the contents reach their surfaces. Pelvic inflammation causes a lot of pain, and affects your tubes, and the ovaries. The cyst may also twist and damage your ovary.

As these cysts can reach a size of a tennis ball, it is really the question what you’re going to do to shrink them. I’ve never been a good medical patient, and I actually don’t trust doctors a lot. Western medicine, and procedures oftentimes only treat the symptoms but no the root cause, and this holds also true for treating cysts.

Surgery is very expensive, and perhaps not always necessary. I rather believe in natural, holistic ways of healing, and I would try everything else first before I’d consider operation. There is no question about it, in emergency cases I’d go to hospital but not if I know about my condition, and I’ve got time to do something about it. How does this sound to you? Do I make sense here? Give yourself a chance first to heal endometrioma.


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